robot love

September 5, 2008

Two days into our trip, a little robot stole my heart. Wall-E’s story transported me far from the madding crowds of Midvalley, to a depressingly all-too-plausible future when humans have littered the planet up with so much rubbish that the entire race has had to evacuate, while an army of rubbish-busting robots clean up the mess.

Except that, 700 years on, almost all the robots have broken down, leaving a single robot still beavering away. Meet Wall-E.

He spends his days sorting through the rubbish, compressing and building towers of trash while saving the odd item that takes his fancy: Rubik cubes, sporks, and old videos.

There is a whole narrative involving Eve, a robot from the mothership sent to scout the earth for living material, and the humans who have evolved to become fatter and lazier than ever, not to mention an evil command system determined to maintain the status quo (and remain in charge).

But for me, the first half hour with Wall-E (without almost any dialogue) was my favourite. His looking at every object naïvely could have been overly cutesy, but instead works charmingly well. Despite unashamedly tugging at your heart strings, his cheerful tootling about and filling his home with the objects he finds warmed this old cynic’s heart.

Definitely one to watch again, and that’s something I almost never say.


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