September 8, 2008

Morocco seems to be the flavour of the month. Little Jacket is planning a trip there and I’m so jealous! To make up we visited Mogador, a few hundred metres up the street from us. The old-style thick wooden doors have intrigued me from the time we lived literally footsteps away, but it was only now that we got to visit and eat. A very pleasant surprise – more than acceptable Moroccan food, made ‘with heart’, our waiter said, without a trace of irony. And you can taste it too.

As far as I understood, the tagine of the day had been ordered for delivery, so I ordered a range of mezze-style dishes, ranging from meatballs and garlicky prawns to lentils and great hummous. Excellent value for money and certainly beats Restaurant Marrakech downtown in the main course category (the latter’s mezze were pretty good too though).

The photo above from the 1930’s shows the restaurant’s namesake, today known as Essaouira, and which I’ve been reading all about from Maryam. As I said to Little Jacket, one day I’ll be smelling and tasting the real deal myself… and maybe picking up a pair of slippers on the way.

Mogador Cafe

Toftesgt. 41, 0552 Oslo



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