open house

September 9, 2008

How to handle high tourist season when your flat is only little? We managed by putting our guests on a boat together to the Viking Ship Museum, and then escaping for a cultural visit of our own. We’d walked past the DogA (the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture) many times, and even eaten at their restaurant, but never visited the actual museum.

Museum is perhaps a big word for this place, and it certainly raised our expectations, possibly unfairly. It is more a space for temporary exhibitions, and as luck would have it the one we saw was quite possibly the oddest one I have ever seen in my life.

Open House showcased the fifteen different designers’ and architects’ ideas on the houses of the future. The word house is used in the loosest sense of the word, in that the concepts ranged from just that, a living concept to the way-out-there wild.

The coolest of the former was Seoul Commune’s Green Towers in the Park, in a gristly eXistenZ-looking kind of way (see picture above). The maddest of the latter was tied between the accoustic house that channels all the surrounding ambient sound into your house instead of blocking it out (fine if you live in the forest, dread to imagine if you live downtown) and the amazing house-less house, an ‘alternative to living in closed spaces’. Who needs walls when you (and your dog) have a super-duper temperature controlled suit?

I guess a lot of people had fun letting their imaginations go wild on this theme, but Mr. Snow and I left a little bemused (after wandering around a little looking for the rest of the museum). A case of mismatched expectations I guess, so next time I’ll go in with a more open mind. Who knows what I’ll find… a museum-less museum?


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