mountain film festival, turtagrø

September 12, 2008

This afternoon, Mr. Snow and I are off on a grand adventure. We got tickets to this year’s Mountain Film Festival in Turtagrø, and above is the picture that accompanies information on the bus that will drive us up. The idea is to watch films about climbing, skiing, biking in the mountains and the great outdoors in general…all in the great outdoors (see below).

On the programme this year are more films than ever before, including the environmental film The 11th Hour, the first Norwegian surfing film, and prize winners from the Banff Mountain Film Festival. There’s a ton of hikes, like the one up to Fanaråken, which for the occasion will become Norway’s highest cinema at 2065 m. There’s also the funky cold the all-night Down Jacket Disco (which, thanks to Special K, I am now fully equipped for!). Even the food is mountain themed, with Nepalese on the menu.

It all sounds like excellent fun, so I really can’t wait. Will update with the full report when we are back on Sunday night!


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