September 17, 2008

We had rolled into Turtagrø and pitched camp in darkness on Friday night, so Saturday dawning cold but bright and completely clear was like being reborn. Perfect for our hike up to Scandinavia’s highest cinema! For the festival, someone had trekked a beamer and a DVD player up to the peak of Fanaråken, but to watch the films we first had to get there ourselves.

This involved a 4 km walk along the valley floor, gently sloping upwards towards the end before the final push of 2 km pretty much vertically 1300 m up. The sun and the spectacular vistas were both our encouragement on the way and our reward at the end, with views all the way down to Sognefjord, where Pa and Ma Myyear visited in the summer.

At the summit, the peaks of Jotunheimen lined up in a row panorama-style for our inspection.

After granting full approval, we were treated to three short adventure al fresco readings by the Norwegian Everest expedition leader, Jon Gangdal.

After that, we all crowded into the tiny living room of Fanaråkshytta, that was to be our cinema for the afternoon. Thick wool blankets shut out the light and a sheet was our screen. We got to see two short but fun films from the Banff Mountain Film Festival, the 5 minute ski film ‘Ain’t No Friends on a Powder Day’ and the waterfall kayaking film ‘In-Flux’.

By the time we got back to Turtagrø and got cleaned up, the sun was starting to go down.

As it turned out, the films we saw were the only Banff films we got to see, due to mysterious and unannounced programme changes, uncooperative wind conditions for the outdoor screen and the lack of a back-up plan for the missing screen.

If you’re still keen and live in Norway, they’re going on tour to Oslo and Trondheim soon. I was sorry about missing the first Norwegian surf film, but if the festival taught us one thing, it’s that not all outdoor/adventure films (like all other films I suppose) are created equal. The best one we saw was a true Everest classic from 1975. Tune in tomorrow to find out which that was!


One Response to “fanaråken”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Sounds amazing! What a unique movie-going experience!

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