losby gods

September 19, 2008

After a weekend of festival going – sleeping in a tent, icy cold showers and a loo to festival goer ratio of 1:100 – anything with walls would have been a luxury. As it turned out I went pretty much straight from the festival to a meeting at what felt like the absolute lap of luxury at Losby Gods.

The weather wasn’t quite as glorious as in the pictures above, but the manor itself and its grounds were striking in a very Norwegian kind of way – that is to say, not overly over the top or ostentatious, though warm and certainly with more than a touch of grandeur. The candle-lit dining room and the library (complete with roaring fireplace) were gorgeous. And the food was excellent!

I also discovered that they are part of a grouping of hotels and restaurants in all manner of historic buildings, all over Norway, known as De Historiske. These include, according to their website, ‘landed estates, country houses, manors, large and small timber-built hotels in pseudo-Swiss and Art Nouveau style and old coach inns’.

If Losby is anything to go by, the other members should certainly also be worth a visit. My curiosity was piqued at least. If you are looking for a slightly special hotel or restaurant, it might be worth while checking them out. Tell me if you do!


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