berry hunting

September 23, 2008

We’re on our way back now from a fabulous weekend up at the cabin in Oppdal with Pa and Ma Snow. Mr. Snow gets all lyrical whenever we’re in the great Trønder outdoors and the weather is good, but especially in autumn I think it’s quite warranted. The leaves are more than starting to turn here over the mountains now, so we went out berry hunting twice.

As it turns out the birds, sheep and bears seem to have gotten to the berries before we did, but we had gorgeous walks both days. And just enough berries to make a small pot of tyttebær jam for our Christmas dinner…

Tyttebærsyltetøy – Lingonberry jam

From Adalaine Sather, Stjernen Lodge #7, Astoria, Oregon
2-1/4 cups sugar

1-1/4 cup water

1 stick cinnamon

8 cloves without heads

1 tsp. lemon rind, finely grated

1-1/2 pounds lingonberries

Combine sugar, water, spices and lemon rind and cook until sugar is melted. Clean the berries, drop into the syrup and allow to come to boil. Remove immediately from the heat and pour into a dish or jar. Cover and cool for two days, then drain off liquid and bring to boil. While hot, pour over the drained berries. Thickens when cool, serve as a garnish for meat dishes, especially ribbe!


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