restaurant fjord

September 28, 2008

On Friday night, Mr. Snow and I discovered our favourite fish restaurant in Oslo. With informal but attentive and friendly service, Restaurant Fjord beat the socks off Solsiden, also food-wise. It’s a good-looking place as well, and someone must have had lots of fun designing the walrus-tusk chandeliers (only in Norway, I tell you).

The restaurant operates on a menu that changes weekly, you can choose from a three-, four- or five-course meal. East-West fusion is definitely on the menu, but does not seem to cross continents too violently in a single course. For example, the halibut and pollack mains were grounded firmly in their root vegetable puree and French sauce tradition, but both dishes also had a lightness that does not come easily.

The Salma sashimi starter on the other hand was clearly Asian, with reduced soya sauce (or possibly Marmite?!) for dipping. I was also thrilled to bite into an old favourite, salt and pepper fried prawns, or the Cantonese yim kok ha, on the same plate. Celebrity chef-owner Ole Jonny Eikefjord alludes to China as a source of inspiration in this article, so no surprise perhaps. Next time, even with shell on?

It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate and berry desserts, and Mr. Snow reported full satisfaction with his cheese platter. So if anything (and just to be picky), I would point only to the fennel and mussel soup as the odd one out on the night’s menu. The mussels were fine, but the breaded scallop tragically too tough (good try on textures though). Also, the horseradish (and/or mustard?) overpowered the dish. But overall, only a small blip on a horizon of delicate, balanced flavours.

Must go, if you love fish. And actually, even if you don’t.

I realized that My Year Online hasn’t focused enough on food, given what a big part of (my) life it is. So, more on the places that have filled my belly and made it sing this year coming up!


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