batak wedding

September 29, 2008

Remember this invitation? Well, here’s the full report!

In our limited experience, a Batak wedding consists first of a civil ceremony at the registrar’s office at the church. Mr and Mrs T-to-be were the stars of the day.

But not to worry if you get confused as there’s always one or two people on hand to ask if you get confused, or perhaps need a witness.

Everyone in the Batak congregation was beautifully turned out in stunning traditional dress and hairdos for the ladies and suits for the men.

Mr T even beat the new Mrs T in reciting his vows in Bahasa Indonesia, very impressive! Then it was off to the function hall for lunch, but not before a dancing delegation of guests with offerings of rice balanced on their heads were welcomed into the hall by the families of the newly weds, with rhythmic hand movements and dancing.

Good thing too, as now I suppose Mr and Mrs T won’t have to worry about running out of rice for the next couple of years. I’m only sorry I didn’t get any photos of the water buffalo head and bones that were presented to various families from the hosts. Each family was allocated a long table with their own name plate, but after a delicious lunch of traditional Batak food people didn’t seem too keen on staying seated. Why?

As Agus said, the great thing about Batak weddings is that they have beer and music! Mr. Snow wowed the ladies with his joget skills.

The colours at the wedding were riotous, and the dresses stunning.

One of the most important ceremonies at a Batak wedding is ulos giving. Each family attending presents the newlyweds with one or more traditional woven cloths by draping it (while jogeting of course) around both their shoulders.

A speech is also usually first made, conveying their best wishes and hopes for the couple’s happy future together. In fact speeches seem to be a big thing in Batak wedding tradition…

As it turned out, all the foreign guests were also presented with ulos in a mass ulos giving ceremony, thus welcoming us all formally into the Batak community. In fact, all through the wedding other guests would smile, or come by to exchange a couple of words of welcome, and to ask how we liked it all. Very much, thank you!


3 Responses to “batak wedding”

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  2. john padgham Says:

    Surprised to find this and pleased you enjoyed it, I know we did- and Bali
    Mr.T’s dad

  3. sunburn Says:

    hello pa T and welcome! you’re just in time for the blog’s last hurrah 🙂 what a special experience, i’m so glad we could share it.

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