getting lippy

September 29, 2008

I try to stay in control of my love for the material. Luckily for me, in Norway the prices often make coveting objects much less fun. But it doesn’t make sense to save on one thing in particular in Norway: lip balm. I’m happy for you if this is a non-issue in your life but it’s a big one in mine here!

When visiting the Grove in LA in February, I made my most exciting lip balm discovery to date, courtesy of fresh: their Sugar SPF15 Lip Treatment. Perfect texture, not too greasy but easy to apply, very pleasant scent and a nice matt metal case. A very luxurious feel.

Their soaps are gorgeous too, at the moment we have this on our sink:

For the truly interested, here’s my lip balm history over the last couple of years. Wow, a girly Myyear post? I don’t even know which category to file it under!

Burt’s Bees Lemon Lime Lip Gloss – So promising, but so disappointing. Very hard, the balm only comes off in a thin layer, so very hard to apply, after which it feels thin and watery. Yum smell though.

Burt’s Honey Beeswax Lip Balm – Far too overpowering honey smell, just can’t get past that. What’s going on, I love this company usually!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Lip Balm w/SPF 15 – Swear by Palmer’s cocoa butter moisturizer, the lip balm version is pretty good too. Sneaky Palmer’s gave away free lip balm with big bottles of moisturizer. On the other hand, it was free, so…

Without a doubt Lypsyl’s eXtrem with SPF20 is the worst lip balm I have tried in ages (and go here for a quite unrelated but funny rant about the ‘Norwegian’ product name). It’s supposed to protect from the wind and cold as well. As if. The minty flavour wasn’t at all soothing when it was cold outside, and the stick melted quickly if it was at all warm. So I got some squashed up in the lid and in the end the whole thing disintegrated. Waste of money, don’t go there. I’m shocked it’s still on the market.

Picked up the Body Shop’s Almond Lip Butter on half-price sale in the summer. Great smelling, a tiny bit sweet, a little (too) thick and creamy when spreading but lasts.

Nivea’s Hydrocare Lip Balm is the lip balm version of comfort food. It applies really easily, doesn’t have any flavour or scent to speak of, but feels good, lasts ages and doesn’t cost much. Very soothing, and as such very high on my list, er, once all the other ones have finally run out!


4 Responses to “getting lippy”

  1. M Says:

    What? You being girly??!!??

    I personally go by the nutrogena lipbalm stick (helps that I have about 5 sticks – dad’s collection from many business class flights over the years…)

    Just catching up on your lovely life 🙂

  2. Jean Says:

    What? No carmex on your list? It’s a cult fave here in the US and can be bought at any drugstore.

  3. sunburn Says:

    hmm, i think i’ve seen but never tested it. thanks for filling the gaping hole in my lip balm knowledge, i will make sure to pick some up!

  4. P Says:

    oh I feel that I am so boring! I always used the boring classical nivea lipbalm…

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