selamat pasar dari ubud!

October 2, 2008

‘Selamat pasar!’ said Mr. Snow to the receptionist as we left to our lovely jungly room at Tjampuhan Hotel in Ubud. ‘Selamat malam’, smile the receptionist back. I think someone’s a little bit too hung up on pasar malams…

While the rooms weren’t the newest, the setting of the Tjampuhan was gorgeous, spilling down the valleyside. Their spa, set in a series of river-side caves and nooks, was extra special. This photo was taken from the reception. Can you spot the blue patch of pool among the green?

Of course being Bali, the hotel had its own little shrine.

Mr. Snow liked Ubud best of everything we did in Bali, and with architecture like this at the Royal Palace,

and this temple in the Monkey Forest Sanctuary, who can blame him?

Our hotel was a little outside the town centre, in Campuhan (which means) where two rivers meet, or mix.

It was also the starting point for a ridge walk with views across the deep valley.

with great terraced rice paddy views.

It was also on this walk that we met our little friends with their fish.

And we barely scratched the surface of all the delicious places to eat! We made the obligatory lunchtime stop at Ibu Oka‘s for roast suckling pig, Naughty Nuri‘s for fresh lime juice (far too early for ribs, though they smelt delicious!), and Janet and Ketut’s shrine to Balinese food (and mouthwatering cakes), Casa Luna.

Something tells me we might be back again sometime…


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