nine cups of coffee

October 3, 2008

Came across this funky-looking guide to coffee that you can choose from at cafes these days, thanks to Lokesh Dhakar. But strange, Mr. Snow’s cuppa of choice (much to the horror of his tough-riding biking mates), latte macchiato, doesn’t seem to be there, nor is my kopi ais kurang manis.

How do you drink yours?


3 Responses to “nine cups of coffee”

  1. Very handy 🙂 Would look great up in my kitchen, next to the coffee maker. I don’t have a coffee maker, but I do have a good imagination.

  2. Mine is caffe mocha but that guide looks very helpful.

  3. complaininggirl Says:

    no no no
    call me COFFEE EXTREMIST, but only one in that list can be called coffee….

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