dim sum at beijing palace

October 7, 2008

Dim sum is one of the reasons Sundays exist. I’ve been casting around for a good place for this in Oslo and think I’ve found the place to wave my chopsticks: Beijing Palace, just behind the law faculty downtown on Pilestredet.

I’m not sure where the owners come from, but they speak Cantonese, and the dim sum is good. Lighter and less stodgy than Taste of China, and a much more pleasant restaurant too.

We went for the classics mainly: siu mai, ha kow, pai kuat, lo mai gai, gow choy gow, char siu pau and ha cheong fun . Service was a little slow, if friendly, so we probably ended up eating more than usual! But we were happy to sit and chat in between, especially as it had decided to pour down outside.

Apparently Dinner and Oriental do pretty well too, but something about paying through your nose for dim sum (no matter how good) seems really wrong. So, not quite Royal China, but for 160 NOK each to be more than full of decent dim sum, I haven’t managed to find better in Oslo. If you beg to differ, I’d be glad to hear why!

Beijing Palace

Pilestredet 27, Oslo

Tel: 22 11 08 00


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