the wombats

October 8, 2008

Last night, Mr. Snow and I overcame the resistance of uncle- and auntyism and went to see The Wombats live at Rockefeller, thus raising the average age of the audience by about 10 years. I think the concerts we’ve been attending recently have been far too old-fogeyish, as I haven’t seen an audience this enthusiastic for ages!

I don’t think I’m a huge Wombat fan, but we had a lot of fun bouncing along to ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ (above) and ‘Moving to New York‘. Also, say what you will about their brand of happy synthetic pop, but the boys (including Tord from Elverum) know their stuff about show and music making.

Good warm-up bands too by the way. Manatee Rocket had good songs, even if the lead singer was still getting the hang of rock star action (hard if you are from Bærum, as Mr. Snow commented). Pipedream put on a great show, but a lot of the songs descended into a wall of noise. Maybe you guys could talk…?


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