three monkeys

October 14, 2008

My attendance at this year’s film festival Film Fra Sør is dismal compared to last, mostly due to Inspector Gadget visiting and lots of other fun things on the schedule, like a haggis party at Special K’s and a trip to see Little Jacket. So far I’ve only seen one film, Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s Three Monkeys. I got to know his name from Distant, but never got to see it. If Three Monkeys is anything to go by, his earlier film must surely be worth watching too.

Yesterday’s film centred around how an Istanbul family of a wife, a husband and their 20 year old son react to two incidents, one recent and the other long in the past. The two are not related but very much determine the family members’ actions and reactions, especially to each other. The washed out palette gives the film its own feel, of the still lifes that paint their lives, and words don’t help their communication.

An meditative but intense film by a filmmaker who clearly loves his city and its inhabitants in all their grimy, quirky glory.


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