4900 colours

October 21, 2008

We’re back! After hooking up with many old friends on the way, tasting such such wonders cave-aged gruyere (and passing on the snail caviar)and quality Indian takeaway after a shopping marathon,  and visiting the prerequisite modern Chinese art exhibition every city worth its salt has on these days. Some of the art was good though, but my favourite is for the next post, along with the highlight of our trip. No guessing what that was!

Colours weren’t just the theme at Uniqlo, but also at the Serpentine Gallery, where Gerhard Richter was showing his 4900 Colours, as a series of 49 10-by-10 squares, each very carefully assigned a random position in the show. Each of the colours was chosen so that none dominates over another (leading to a little argument abut whether that was true). I can imagine the pixel concept could work well in a 20 m high stained glass window, but personally the bite-sized versions didn’t do it for me (pretty colours though).

Thanks again to Little Jacket and Robin for letting us stay, and everyone who came out with us! Hope next time will be soon.

One last bit of exciting news. While we were occupied with all of the above, you were all clicking away to visit My Year Online, which has now had its 10,000th hit! Thanks for visiting, and get your fix now, just over two months to go…


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