October 23, 2008

On a tip-off from Lil Miss M’s mum, and with 3 of our joint 24 KL hours, Ms. P and I visited a little Balinese oasis of greenery and water in a converted PJ bungalow called Khareyana. It was easy to find, just across the roundabout from Assunta Hospital, and next to PJ Nursing Home. The spa’s friendly owner welcomed us warmly. Pa Myyear was settled in a comfy armchair with the Sunday papers, while we were ushered an alcove overlooking a shady green patio for our pedicures.

There we caught up on months worth of each others’ news, while our soles, nails, cuticles and feet were gently tended to by spa staff. Thoroughly entertaining and relaxing, and rather more effective (if less giggle-inducing) than the fish spa. Our session ended with ginger and lemongrass tea and slices of watermelon, and a sneak peek into the couples treatment rooms across the stepping stones and water garden. Mr. Snow and I went back on our last day in KL for a session. Even if the masseurs were not as tough as the Balinese Mr. Snow had in Ubud, Khareyana comes highly recommended for a mini-Bali trip without having to board a plane.

Khareyana Spa
36 Jalan Selangor
46050 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, MALAYSIA
03 7958 6219


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