October 23, 2008

Halfway through our walking tour of Chinatown in KL, we dropped in on Central Square in its latest incarnation, including the Annexe Gallery. It was also there that we met and picked up the newest resident of our home. Meet our friendly alien!

He seems to be happy enough in his own corner of our kitchen, though he’s far away from his birthplace in KL, and his daddy Mistawhy, who we met at They Art Studio.

Below, you can see the hole in the gallery wall where he used to live. I hope he’s not too lonely now, I’m enjoying his company while writing this!


2 Responses to “smile!”

  1. +THEY+ Says:

    wahhh! thank for visit us! when u guys at KL!

    TheyArtStudio, KL

  2. […] As the name suggests, the magazine concentrates on Asian cultures and trips, but as the August issue shows, manages to seek out alternative activities and interesting corners of the continent, such as the remote Ogasawara Islands of Japan, kayaking the River Kwai, classic Korean pubs and the alternative art scene in KL (which led us to our resident alien). […]

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