la clique

November 3, 2008

“I haven’t been to the circus for ages!” exclaimed the Bean Counter excitedly as, newly arm-banded, we clattered up the stairs to our circle seats at the Hippodrome. Bandstand music set the scene for La Clique, who after making their name at the Edinburgh Fringe and touring the world, played their inaugural weekend in their new London home.

The burlesque variety show more than lived up to expectations for an excellent night out. Each member of the La Clique family has their very own talent, from Cabaret Decadanse‘s raunchy puppetry:

to Ursula Martinez’s astonishing disappearing abilities,

and Mario the Queen-sound tracked juggler.

A poll among our motley crew showed two men in joint first place for best act. David O’Mer’s er, gymnastic ability impressed many (including Ms. D).

I leant more towards the contortionist Captain Frodo and his tennis racquets, and not just because he is Norwegian.

I laughed so much I cried. Definitely go see if you get the chance!


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