info on iceland

November 4, 2008

Due to my extremely limited time in Iceland, I have had to widen my sources of information in this entry to Special K and Little Jacket, both of whom have visited previously. I give you the latest in Myyear’s country series!

1. Every person in Iceland has at least one sweater of this design.

2. It is possible to bake bread by burying dough in a wooden cask in the ground close to a hot spring. It can be picked up the next day, ready to eat, and will have a slight sulphuric taste.

3. According to Icelandic tradition, an angler has to bite the caudal fin off the first salmon they ever catch.

4. In storms or high winds, the Icelandic Search and Rescue Association come around in trucks like these to pick up any sorry soul who still happens to be outside on foot.

5. Hot pots are natural or man-made pools of thermal water dotted around the country, and are a good spot to steam and catch up on the news with your neighbour.

And finally, a word of warning should you ever find yourself in Iceland. Don’t steal the puffins.



2 Responses to “info on iceland”

  1. manu Says:

    that sweater design was SO popular while I was in Japan! I saw them in every department store of Yokohama!!!

  2. sunburn Says:

    well, now you know where it comes from! i’m surprised they didn’t wrestle me into one just while i was on transit 😉

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