kitty’s sushi

November 8, 2008


Only two months to go of my year online. What in the world are you all going to read when it’s done?!

I realized I have been posting lots about the special restaurants we have tried, but little about the neighbourhood ones that we tend to go to more regularly, by virtue of being just round the corner, and affordable.

I think Kitty’s Sushi is the single restaurant we have been to most in Oslo. We used to live literally footsteps away, and now less than a 5 minute walk. It’s certainly no Alex, but the fish is always fresh (er, except for that one time that reasons was singly struck down…) and their reasonably priced mixed sushi and sashimi platters have more food than we can usually eat. I’ve also become a fan of their tempura platter, for when I’m not in the mood for raw fish (it does happen!). I don’t think there’s anywhere else in Oslo you’ll find this quality of sushi at this price, and if so, I’d like to hear about it!

We’ve since gotten to know the family that runs the restaurant, and service is always quick and friendly. I even found a chink in the poker-faced sushi chef’s armour, such that I now get an almost half-smile whenever I walk in. Hint: speaking Cantonese helps!

Helgesens gate 14

Grünerløkka, Oslo

+47 22 38 36 93


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