my city secret

November 9, 2008


The Guardian’s Travel section has started a meme to get people to share their city secrets: a special place in their city that they love, yet that few people know about. I had to think a while about mine, as I’m a relatively new Oslo-ite (and a too-long removed KL-ite). There are lots of great restaurants in this town, including the surprisingly quiet Elvebredden where we recently had a fantastic evening celebrating Pa Snow’s 60th birthday in Christian’s able hands. Not to mention the forest for skiing and the fjord for sailing, no secrets there.

But I am continually surprised by how few people have even heard of, and much less been to Oslo’s comic book library, or Serieteket, housed on the second floor of the Deichman Library’s Grünerløkka branch on Schous Plass. They’ve got more comics and graphic novels than you could think of, from manga and Peanuts to fantasy and biographical books. The staff there always have great recommendations so do stop to chat if want to try something new. Not only is it open till 7 pm Monday to Thursday and on Saturday and Sunday, it’s also the venue for the annual Oslo Comics Expo. That’s where I got to meet the funky Martin Kellerman, of Rocky fame, above.

I’m tagging Tulipgirl, JL, Manu, Mithi, Reasons and Barry, in Amsterdam, Canberra, Leiden, Bristol, Haarlem and back in Oslo respectively. With theses, bars and babies, not to mention plain old work, I know all of you have lots of things to do, so here’s the perfect distraction. This is my city secret, what’s yours? Photo/illustration please if possible, so we can all imagine being there!


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