la zona

November 12, 2008


My second DF outing this weekend also involved crime and police corruption, although the lines separating the good guys and the bad are heavily blurred. All the action takes place in the more rarefied environs of La Zona, a gated and walled housing compound of immaculate lawns, SUVs, pedigree dogs, golf courses and school blazers.  All this with panoramic views of the far grittier tumbledown neighbourhoods surrounding, sans lawns.

During a storm three youths gain access to the compound. Their attempted burglary of one of the houses goes wrong, and combined with the panicked residents’ reaction result in the deaths of the elderly female homeowner, a security guard and two of the boys. They soon realize the third boy is on the run but remains trapped inside the zone.

Both the truth and the evidence are obscured from the police when they come to make enquiries. The sharp commandante quickly smells a rat and so keeps digging, while a teenaged resident of the zone finds and continues to hide the fugitive. The residents become increasingly more frightened, launching their own armed patrols while the panicked mood in La Zona intensifies.

Overall potentially a good set-up, and with several good but despite good reviews, I thought the film could have been better paced, and lacked finger-biting suspense at crucial moments.


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