wildlife photographer of the year

November 13, 2008


The winners of this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition have been announced. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I’ll be in any of the cities the exhibition is going on tour to soon, so I had to content myself with browsing their online gallery.

As always, lots of stunning images ranging from arresting to meditative, of plants and animals, the natural and man-made environments. It was hard to choose a favourite but having seen a family of ducks valiantly battling the current to swim upriver this summer, this photo by Dan Mead of an ostrich family heading straight up a 100 metre high sand dune at a 30 degree incline caught my attention. I don’t think I would have managed the same quite so quickly or gracefully!


3 Responses to “wildlife photographer of the year”

  1. Tulipgirl Says:

    Having worked for 2 years right next door to the NHM in London -the natural home to this amazing exhibition- I still can’t believe I never managed to see it. I kept thinking “this weekend I’ll go” but somehow never did. Such a pity! Maybe I should go to the one in The Hague this year. The pictures are stunning. I do love those ostriches – very cool!

  2. sunburn Says:

    we went once in the hague but were quite disappointed. the photos were small and not as well lit (the ones in london are back-lit), and crammed together in a very small space. i’m not exactly huge but kept bumping into other visitors. coupled with very lively kiddies on a sunday afternoon made it a less than ideal viewing enviroment. pity as each picture is so special!

  3. Joao Montenegro Says:

    This is, by far, the most beautiful photo I’ve seen in years! Congratulations Dan Mead, you’ve just got a fan here!

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