slutt å maz!

November 14, 2008

Last night, Maz Jobrani, the Iranian American stand-up comedian, seemed almost as astonished to be playing in Oslo as we were to have him here. Easy humour with the occasional sharp edge, he did the Iranian jokes well as expected. But the added local flavour was good too, like Jobrani imagining eating rakfisk, and finding out that Maz means to nag in Norwegian.

And I know he has Iranian blood but still loved the fantastically-done Persian accent (and the two Iranian girls next to me laughing hysterically seemed to too!). All very good, including the Obama celebratory mood. With yesterday’s show, Jobrani kicked off a European tour, moving to Amsterdam tonight, and then to London and Stockholm.

The punchy local warm-up act Jonas Bergland was also excellent especially when delivering lines in gangsta Holmlia or poncy Nordstrand accents. Though I struggled a bit to catch the punchline in places,  I loved what I caught (and Mr. Snow translated!). Hurrah, does this mean I’ll be able to go to local stand-up again in the not-too-far future?


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