November 18, 2008


It was enough to make Mr. Snow quite ill with envy. ‘But I’m Mr. Snow!’, he cried jealously, when he realized that I would go on the first cross-country ski trip this season – without him.

The exciting thing about going into the Norwegian mountains is that you never know if you’ll make it up, or even down again safely, certainly with the ice we encountered in combination with countless sharp bends. But our super-cautious driver got us up and down all in one piece, while our organizer made sure we had not just a cosy bed each, and not just food, but plenty of goodies and wine with which to replenish tired skiing bods.

This picture is of the lake our cabin was adjacent to, taken just before we turned again back home. I love how the red roof edge contrasts with the blue grey of the sky, snow and water. The upturned boat also made me wonder when it will be used next on the water. Not until next spring?


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