November 23, 2008


The corner in the picture above was where we all snuggled in on Tuesday’s cold night, on a pile of skins and cushions, toasty from the blazing fire. The red house at the bottom of Telthusbakken has been rebuilt and turned into a wonderfully cosy restaurant, Akersberget. I can’t say so much about the faithfulness of the restoration, but am pleased that the house has been given a new lease of life.

I especially liked the outhouse in the courtyard with only three walls, where the fourth side is the bare rock of the hill behind, where silver was first mined a thousand years ago. No service there, but a great place to sit with your drink. Browse their gallery to see more.

Service was friendly, informal and efficient, while food was traditional Norwegian with an almost imperceptible nod to the modern. The latter was well-executed and balanced, if slightly less than thrilling dishes, certainly for the price. Mains of pinnekjøtt and cod were upwards of 250 kroner, and three courses set us back 495 kroner.

And therein lies my main problem with the restaurant. With its warm and beautifully redone interior I would have been keen to have found a new favourite in town. But the bill was hard to swallow for nothing more than reasonable food. I’ll definitely be back for drinks, and the courtyard looks very promising for the spring, but unless value-for-money takes a favourable turn, I’m afraid I’ll be eating elsewhere.


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