ringen kino

November 23, 2008


Ringen Cinema showed films at Carl Berners Plass from 1939 till 1988. On Friday, the name was resurrected with the opening of Ringen Kino, in the half-completed complex of apartments and shops that make up Ringnes Park at the top of Grünerløkka.

They claim to be the first fully digital cinema in Norway, but more crucially, their opening means that East Oslo finally has its own cinema again. Soria Moria up in Torshov was the last of the traditional picture houses to stop showing films regularly, and Østkantsavisa did a feature on several of the East side’s last cinemas.

Amazingly, over 20 cinemas closed their doors all over Oslo since their heyday, but Oslo Kino reckons that the smaller screens, more frequent showings and high quality will be their saving grace. I’m thrilled that the neighbourhood is getting its own cinema, and while the programme looks pretty Hollywood-heavy so far, there seems to be some space for more alternative films and events too. Not only is the Palme d’Or -winner Entre les Murs showing all week this week, but director Laurent Cantet is coming to visit on Friday. Will be sure to report back!


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