November 24, 2008

Ballast was an odd film, in that I liked it while watching it, but less so the more I thought about it afterwards. I blame the infiltration of Mr. Snow’s negative thoughts. At least it gave us lots to talk about.

Initially I liked the cinematography (even though I suspect it gave me motion sickness) – a handheld camera with abrupt outtakes from a disrupted family life, none of which Mr. Snow found novel. Also, I thought quite a lot happened and at quite a pace, but Mr. Snow found it slow and seriously lacking in action.

We both managed to agree that the happy ending was a bit trite, but then the Mechanic hadn’t found it happy at all. In fact he had spent most of the film (after figuring out what the heck was going on) thanking his lucky stars that he hadn’t been born poor and black in the American South. As I said, we had lots to talk about.


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