a journey on a london bus

November 30, 2008

This film is from a tip-off by Time Out, especially for Ms. D when she moves to London. It was made in 1950, showing newly arrived visitors from Africa and the Carribean how to catch a London bus. Truly amazing quotes include:

‘Try and catch a bus that is going to the place you want to reach.’

‘They know that buses run to carefully prepared timetables and are always punctual. People never have long to wait.’

‘The conductor controls everything in a cheerful way.’

What I want to know is, did people in 1950 laugh sarcastically too when they saw the film?

Go here to see Time Out’s complete list of 20 greatest London YouTube clips. Paul McCartney’s ‘music video’ on the Central Line is priceless, as is AC/DC with tiny shorts and a banana.


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