interpretation of murder

November 30, 2008


I read this book so fast that it was almost my undoing. The Interpretation of Murder is set in 1909 New York and is based on Sigmund Freud and his protege Carl Jung’s true visit to the city. However in the book they get caught up in trying to solve an attack by psychoanalysis of the victim.

Rubenfeld crafted his book finely, so that the many threads – of socialite and immigrant New York, Shakespeare, policing and physchology – do all weave well into the neat ending, with no loose bits. But you do need to pay attention, which is why speed-reading is probably not the best way to enjoy this book.

A nice way to learn a bit about many things at once while ‘just’ reading a good thriller.


2 Responses to “interpretation of murder”

  1. posteret Says:

    I really enjoyed this book and I was just the same as you! I couldn’t put it down.. I intend to read it again at a more leisurely pace next year…

  2. notablogger Says:

    I read this one while recovering from fish, if I remember correctly. Gripping!

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