life on mars

December 1, 2008

Life on Mars

Mr. Snow was adamant that he didn’t want to start on another series of Dexter or The Wire for fear of getting hooked again, but somehow Life on Mars found its way into the DVD player. And yup… he’s hooked.

Sam Tyler is a policeman in Manchester who has an accident – and wakes up in 1973, dressed in flares and a leather jacket, but still a policeman. So it’s a crime series with the added element of time travel back to the funky 70s. This means flowery green wallpaper, rather heavy-handed policing (even when dealing with witnesses!), dubious forensics methods and more. The bizarre concept actually works a treat, especially on the dark winter evenings. Snuggling on the sofa in front of the fire optional but preferable.


One Response to “life on mars”

  1. manu Says:

    oh! Life on Mars…the good old times when we still had a TV connection…
    I thought “life on mars” was NOT my favourite…then I got hooked: must be contagious!
    and the twist at the end is GOOD.

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