hitra scallops

December 8, 2008


Christmas party season has started in earnest here in Norway, and Team GB wasn’t about to be left out, neither on the cooking nor the eating side of things.

But top marks surely had to go to the starter you see above: pan-fried scallops drizzled with soya sauce on a salad bed. Here’s the Norway-only twist: every single one of the little creatures were hand-picked by team member Ray, off the coast of Hitra, about 10 m deep, on a sheltered sandy bottom. Not a taste experience I’ll forget in a hurry!


3 Responses to “hitra scallops”

  1. notablogger Says:

    You had me at “scallops.” Then you had to go for hand picked?! Crazy – diving in Hitra can’t be a warm experience!

  2. Ms D Says:

    Why team GB? Team MY isn’t good enough? Cheh!

  3. sunburn Says:

    i know! i was pretty shocked as well. but appreciative!

    ms D, not *that* GB lah! trying to maintain a degree of anonymity at least…

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