December 8, 2008


The flurries of snow on Friday piled up higher up the fjord, so conditions were perfect on Sunday. Bright sun and snow-covered trees, and at -10C cold enough to form ice crystals in your nose when you breathed in. But we all wrapped up warm, so we were still toasty by the time we got to Raasjøstua for waffles and coffee.


Special K taking in the view before she made a new friend with an electric bottom warmer.


A tactical planning error resulted in a dusk home run, which was surprisingly fast, pleasant and quiet . The moon was rising in the rosy sky, and we were almost alone in the forest.



2 Responses to “romeriksåsen”

  1. Tulipgirl Says:

    Nice! I’m so envious looking at these pics… all we have here is grey skies and drizzle. 😦

  2. sunburn Says:

    it was gorgeous! quite different downtown though. and today is really foggy, especially at work where we are quite close to the sea.

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