December 14, 2008


Ever since we moved to Norway, there doesn’t seem as much point in organizing our annual Scandi Christmas party for friends, which involved patiently explaining to poor Dutch butchers with the aid of photos and diagrams exactly how the pork belly needs to be scored and prepared for our purposes, imbibing of much akvavit, smashing of Christmas baubles and tying of little green felt reindeer around the neighbour’s cat’s neck to get her into the mood (you all know who you are, I certainly remember what I am guilty of).

Norway seems intent on making up for the absence of this party with a vengeance. There has been a flurry of Christmas parties with every possible combination of friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Company and food at all have been excellent, music varying from get-everyone-on-the-dancefloor disco to Norwegian country (the less said about the latter the better). The best location of all had to be Månefisken, a former weaving factory along Akerselva. I love the exposed brick walls of places like these (above).

But even though here I get the real deal, and many times over, I can’t help but miss our export version.


2 Responses to “månefisken”

  1. Jean Says:

    We’re going our own exported version this year (all my idea – Magnus doesn’t want anything to do with it in case it goes all wrong) with lutefisk and cloudberry jam and involving a trip to an overpriced scandi store in Oakland.

  2. sunburn Says:

    good luck! we always had a great time at ours, thuogh i have to confess we never tested the lutefisk option. but with all the bits to go with it, can only be good! ikea always has lots of good scandi xmas things for a good price.

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