life sucks

December 18, 2008


If life seems to be tough for you right now, don’t fret, as it could be worse. Like it is for vampire slave Dave in Life Sucks by Jessica Abel, Gabe Soria and Warren Pleece. To make ends meet, he’s condemned to working the night-shift at a convenience store run by Lord Radu, his old-school Romanian vampire master who bit him to gain some cheap labour for his undead empire.

Exposure to sunlight will make Dave sizzle – try explaining that to your new Goth girlfriend when she wants to picnic in the park, and who has an idealized image of the glamorous, velvet-clad lives vampires lead. Oh, and Dave’s a vegetarian. The sight of blood makes him go green, so it’s only plasma for him, much to Lord Radu’s disgust (no good American ‘vooss’ vampires).

Every vampire detail in this book is spot on. Clever and funny. Don’t miss if you can help it.


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