January 22, 2009


Being at the cabin over the holidays meant that we could use the takke or griddle there. Mr. Snow is trying his hand at making all kinds of traditional flat breads, with much success so far.

This was the second Christmas he baked up a very high stack of delicious fettbrød, from a huge ball of dough that threatened to take over the whole kitchen at one point. They’re his hands you see rolling the dough out above, all according to Aunty Else’s treasured recipe.

The breads themselves are flat with a light criss-cross pattern from the patterned rolling pin, a little crispy, have a bit of bite to them and spread with butter and syrup make for the perfect after-ski snack.

Now, all we need is someone French to make a couple of huge crêpes on the griddle, and its baptism will be complete.


Update: I finally managed to remember get the recipe to a place where there is also internet! For those looking for their Oppdal roots, here it is (in Norwegian). It makes enough to feed a cabin full of people over the whole Christmas and New Year period (that standard international unit).

500g smult

500g margarin

2 – 3 kopper sukker

3 kg byggmel

1 l H-melk

litt hvetemel

La smult og margarin ligge frem i romtemperaturen et døgn til det blir litt mykt.

Rør det sammen med sukkeret, så ha i melk og mel.

Happy baking!


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