fuzz and pluck

March 21, 2009


Just when you thought you were safe, here I am again to fill your life with all kinds of irrelevant information. After a little break, I am ready to make the final dash to my 365 posts. I missed being online, and sharing with you all!

Fuzz & Pluck by Ted Stearn is my latest comic book library win. Fuzz is an insecure, and permanently worried little teddy, who has (perhaps unwisely) teamed up with Pluck, a permanently outraged, though sometimes ingenious, er, plucked chicken. The post-apocalyptic times they live in are tough, so Fuzz and Pluck walk to find work in the city. This is the start of their (mis)adventures, which leads them variously through being slaves for a wealthy couple (where the lady of the house develops an unhealthy thing for stuffed animals), starving in the desert with a pontificating monkey, and finally to paid work…  at Lardy’s, the Home of the Lard Sandwich.

Allof which, despite sounding quite desperate, caused both me and Mr. Snow to laugh out loud at many points. This is all down to Ted Stearn’s genius in depicting expressions, his excellent slapstick timing and great storyboards, where you can never tell what will happen next (my favourite was almost the surreal turn that Fuzz & Pluck play in the ‘extra’ Don Quixote adaptation at the end of the book). I’ve already ordered their next book of adventures, Fuzz & Pluck: Splitsville. Can’t wait to see what happens next!


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