barely there

November 16, 2009


Ms. D not only tipped me off about Liu Bolin’s work, but also complained when a post didn’t immediately appear. And Ms. P took me to task quite seriously during our recent and thoroughly enjoyable trip to Malaysia, about my blog name being a misnomer. So, high time to make the final dash to the finish line of 365 posts! And here’s the bribe: if you tune in right to the end, you’ll be privy to the next Myyear project, preparations for which are already seriously underway…

All this to say, I’m still here! Which is debatable for Liu in his Camouflage series, in its painstaking detail. My favourites are above and below, but check out more of his work here. At a time when all artists are busy shouting out their presence, it’s calming – if slightly disturbing – that someone is doing his very best to disappear into the background.



2 Responses to “barely there”

  1. Mithi Says:

    Hello Missy! Thank you for the comments over at mine … haven’t heard from you in AGES! Hope you are good, and I am VERY MUCH looking forward to your new MyYear project … 😉

    • sunburn Says:

      Nice to hear from you too! Yes, been a bit less online recently. Busy at work, and with the new project. Hint: Mr. Snow helped me with it, and it is codenamed ‘Snowball’…

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